Power and Sample Size

Description: One-hour video lecture on the importance of sample size and what information is needed to calculate sample sizes.


Who is this resource for: Translational Researchers (clinical investigators)

Who created this resource: This resource was created by Sandra Taylor, a PhD statistician with the UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center, as a part of an applied statistics seminar series.

What does this resource offer: This resource provides a one-hour lecture that discusses the importance of sample size calculations, where the calculations fit into study planning, how the calculations are made, and when to seek further help from a statistician. The lecturer discusses how to conduct sample size calculations for continuous, categorical, and survival outcomes in situations where there are one, two, and more than two comparison groups respectively. These situations are explained with practical examples, along with a reference to the Southwest Oncology Group Website (this site can be used to input information to generate sample sizes).