Non-Parametric Methods

Description: Published article which provides an introduction to nonparametric tests, including the history, principles, advantages and disadvantages, and practical examples.

Link: Published article: Nonparametric statistical tests

Who created this resource: This article was written by Francis Sahngun Nahm, MD, PhD, a professor at Seoul National University’s Bundang Hospital. 

Citation: Francis Sahngun Nahm (2016), “Nonparametric statistical tests for the continuous data: the basic concept and the practical use”, Korean Journal of Anesthesiology, 69(1), 8-14, DOI: 10.4097/kjae.2016.69.1.8.

What does this resource offer: The author discusses nonparametric statistical methods and their comparability to parametric methods for small sample sizes, which is very applicable to medical research questions. The article includes:

  • a brief history of nonparametric statistical analysis,
  • a clear description of the basic principles of nonparametric statistical analysis,
  • an excellent explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of nonparametric statistical methods, and
  • helpful examples for each nonparametric statistical test discussed.

This article is probably best suited for those who have already had some exposure to basic parametric statistical methods (such as t-tests) via a formal class or an in-depth workshop.