Data Collection and Management

Description: Videos to train researchers in why and how to use REDCap for data collection.

Link: REDcap training videos

Who is this resource for: Clinical researchers and their staff

Who created this resource: The Project REDCap Consortium staff

What does this resource offer:

This excellent series of videos was created to train new users (clinician researchers as well as their staff) in what REDCap databases can do, and how exactly to set them up and use them. They are free, short, clear, and professionally done. Each module also has a downloadable PDF transcript. There are about 20 videos. Those of most interest to prospective users are the first two: Brief Overview of REDCap (5 min) and Detailed Overview of REDCap (14 min). The introductory videos do a great job of pointing out the advantages of REDCap (ease of use, security, data validation capabilities, etc.). Subsequent videos explain the details of setting up a study database, entering data, etc.