Hypothesis Tests and P-Values

Description: A short (8 min.) introductory lecture on hypothesis testing from the OpenIntro Statistics free online textbook.

Link: Lecture video

Who created this resourceThis video lecture was created and recorded by Shannon McClintock Pileggi, PhD, Assistant Professor of Statistics at California Polytechnic Institute (Cal Poly). It forms part of the free online resources available as part of the OpenIntro Statistics free online textbook written by David M. Diez, PhD, Christopher D. Barr, PhD, and Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel, PhD.

What does this resource offer
The video is brief (8 min.), so it is appropriate for busy professionals. It demonstrates how to carry out and interpret the results of hypothesis tests and confidence intervals in a statistically appropriate but easily understandable way, using examples that everyone can relate to. It clearly describes the test assumptions. The slides are dynamic and visually interesting, with a good mix of text, equations and graphs, and the audio voice is pleasant and professional.